With our companionship services, you can ensure your loved ones don’t feel alone when you can’t be there, that they can share their interests and foster a friendship, taking part in different activities from gardening to puzzles and more. We recognise how vital spending quality time with another person is to their well being. Even if it’s just a quick daily chat or a visit on the weekends.

Loneliness Impact

Age UK have reported almost a million older people in the UK go for over a month without speaking to anyone. We feel this may only scratch the surface of the problem. It is well understood that loneliness can bring about serious mental health issues like depression along with physical affects like sleep problems, hypertension and more. It remains incredibly important that people are able to connect with another person on a regular basis.

Moving Forward

We’re here to give the level of companionship your loved one needs, even if it’s as simple as someone to walk the dog with and as with our other services, we’re flexible, we can be there when others can’t be. Reach out by email to discuss your circumstances and one of our team will let you know how Connections Care can help or call (0113) 277 2272.

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